Custom Closet Design & Storage Solutions in Long Island, NY

At Abuv Designer Closets, we believe in merging functionality with aesthetic brilliance. Inspired by leading industry designs and personalized to your needs, our custom solutions transform your living spaces into havens of organization and style.


Custom Closet Design

We craft closets that fit your lifestyle. From elegant walk-ins to space-saving reach-ins, our designs maximize space and showcase style.


Pantry Organization

Transform your pantry into an efficient and beautiful space with our bespoke cabinetry and pantry solutions.


Home Office, Laundry Rooms, and More

From entryways to entertainment centers, we provide solutions that harmonize with your interior, giving a neat and cohesive look.

Quality Craftsmanship: A Legacy of Excellence

In Long Island, NY, we are renowned for our exceptional quality. Our artisan craftsmen blend traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology to produce cabinetry that stands the test of time. We value:


Unparalleled Quality

Our products are made from premium materials, ensuring longevity.

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Unique Craftsmanship

Each piece we craft is a work of art, tailor-made to fit your specific needs.

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Budget-Conscious Solutions

While quality is our priority, we understand the value of maximizing your budget.


Your Dream Space Awaits

Whether you envision a boutique-style closet or a fully organized storage, Abuv Designer Closets is your partner in bringing those dreams to life. Our experts in custom, uniquely crafted, and budget-conscious solutions are ready to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

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